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The Oak Thorne Video Documentary Project

The Life and Times of Environmental Educator, Leader and Mentor Dr. Oakleigh Thorne, II

Video documentary project about Dr. Oakleigh Thorne's inspirational life and his passionate mission of environmental education.

The video documentary (see a short video clip above) will focus on Dr. Oakleigh Thorne's personal story and philosophy, capturing an "environmental hero's journey."

Through his life's work, Oak has many achievements including the creation of Thorne Films, Thorne Ecological Institute and Thorne Nature Experience, and successes in land preservation. By "connecting kids to nature," he has contributed immeasurably to the environmental education of thousands of youth. This enduring legacy, along with his fascinating biography, will create a compelling video tribute to a true environmental pioneer and his significant contributions to the environmental education movement.

Filmmakers Pamela Hoge and Christine Anderson have worked in the industry for decades and have had a personal friendship with Oak through the years.

Christine has worked in cable, local and national PBS, educational, independent, corporate, event and fundraising productions for over 25 years. She has extensive experience in live multi-camera directing, videography, producing and editing. Her expertise also includes set design, lighting, promotions, grant writing, supervising and directing crew, and organizational and management details of the production department. Most recently she has focused on creating 'video portraits' for business and personal use. She has received local and national awards.

Pamela is an Emmy award winning Producer/Director with extensive experience in all levels of productions that range from in-studio programs to field documentaries. She has created, produced and directed numerous programs for public television (including nationally aired series), a parenting/birth video company and independent productions. Her numerous awards include an Emmy and a Corporation for Public Broadcasting Best Instructional. She also hosted a weekly radio interview program for Working Assets. You can learn more at her website studiosozo.com.

How can you help?

Your donations will ensure that Oak's legacy and story is preserved for future generations. As a mentor he has inspired tens of thousands of children, pioneered environmental education and helped create environmental policies for preserving wild lands, locally in Boulder, CO and around the United States.

$15K will allow for production and completion of a 5 minute program and pre-production for a 10-20 minute documentary.

  • An additional $60K will allow for production and completion of a 15-20 minute program.
  • An additional $180K will allow for production and completion of a 45-60 minute documentary.

Thank you for your contribution!

** The video clip at the top of the page represents merely a glimpse into this extraordinary person's life and is not a comprehensive summary of Oak's legacy.

Donate here or by check, and consider indicating your support of this project by sharing your name on the donor scroll on the right of this page. Please make checks out to "Community Foundation Boulder County, Oak Thorne Video Documentary Project" (or include Oak Thorne Video Documentary Project in the memo line) and send to Community Foundation Boulder County, ATTN: Oak Thorne Video Documentary Project, 1123 Spruce Street, Boulder, CO 80302. When donating by check, consider including a note to let us know if you'd like to be included on the website as a supporter.

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